Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nihongo @ Microsoft

Had a visit to the Microsoft campus in Hyderabad today. We were invited by a couple who Minako met throught the online japanese community site in Hyderabad. The campus is unbelievably huge, money has clearly been well spent. It's got a football field, basket ball court and a cricket pitch amongst other things.Even the canteen has a subway sandwich kiosk.
Most of the conversation was in Japanese, and although the wife was happy, I was a bit embarassed at not being able to speak much. Need to put some effort in learning the language, it's long overdue.

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DJ said...

its ok. apne gaon main kisi ko japanese nahi aata hai. atleast ur wife knows (but tht's coz she is japanese...!!!)

as milind baba wld say -> yuga thadin...!!!