Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Prison Break

A lot of time has passed since the last post. I do not know why I don't blog anymore. A lot's been happenning, but don't feel like writing it down. Maybe everything's become too much of a routine. Maybe it's too much work. Maybe I cannot take this place. Maybe it's my life I can't taste. Maybe I cannot feel my face.(o.k , the last three lines are from "Freak on a leash" by korn. Got carried away a bit.)
Been to a lot of places, the last three months, but never felt like writing. And what is compelling me to write is a TV series. Prison Break. Do not remember the last time I was hooked to a TV series. Or maybe I like the idea of a Prison Break. No, I am not going to get philosophical, I hate that crap.
But it's an interesting TV series. All the characters are interesting, which is rare. It always makes for great drama, if the main lead in a story is not the only protagonist. My favourite is T-Bag, that is one sick bastard.
More later, need to finish season 1 for now. Hope this post gets me back on track for more.