Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lost in translation

It's been a really long time since I updated this place. Almost more than 3 months. A lot has happened over the past 3 months, But I just have not been able to write.
There were the floods in mumbai ( It is going to be a yearly affair now, methinks), and the bomb blasts on the train and much more. Just could not find the time to write. Or maybe didn't want to write. Maybe I was a bit tired of cribbing all the time. But It seems I am back to my old self again.

And I am In JAPAN !!!. In tokyo. Nice place. How I got here is another story. The 12 hour plane delay, 2 trips to the airport, taking the airport bus ticket before picking up my luggage, the japanese cab driver and no keys after getting to the apartment. But I am here now and stuck with work as usual. It will be a month in Japan in another couple of days. Time does fly. Weekdays
is 9 to 9 so i hardly get time for anything. Weekends are for sight seeing. I Think i should be updating this space more often, so i keep up with all places I visit.

Until now it's been an experience. I am using my hands more to communicate than my mouth. Japan is the world's second largest economy. And Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world!! My apartment would cost me 1,25,000 INR per month. And it would hardly accomadate more than one person. The railways take some time figuring out, But by now i think i can make it. These guys all look the same. I think i'll take some time differentiating. I have tried a bit of Japanese food and it seems good. But what would be worth it would be eating at someone's place, the kind of food they have regularly at home. Hope i get the chance. Anyway's it's been a major gastronomic
experience till now. I am sure I have gobbled up more meat in the last month than i did in the whole of last year.

Tokyo is like any other major metropolis of the world. Well, I have seen only two, but the major commercial areas of both seem very similiar. Apart from the difference in infrastructure, it seems the same. There is the usual rush to get to work. The macdonalds, starbucks and subway sandwiches lined up. Just different looking people
maybe. rest all seems the same. And yes, there are Indians all around. Maybe we truly have spread all over the world. Atleast the metros, I think.

Will try and keep this place updated.

Bye for now.