Monday, February 27, 2006

Another one bites the dust

A trip to pune has just been had. The city is changing at a frantic pace. It wont be long before it resembles mumbai. But the flavour wont change. I was there to attend a friend's engagement. The venue was on the second floor and it had a lift to take you there. The lift had a sign posted above it " Dupari 1 te 4 chowkashi saathi var zau naye". Vintage pune. You cant beat these guys. They are the cheesiest lot i've ever come across yet.
Was at an old college joint in the morning. A trip to pune is never complete without a visit to VAISHALI. Being a mumbai guy, after all these years i still cant get over the fact that an udipi joint is the most coolest hangout for college goers. But hats off to the place, they are still going strong despite the numerous Barrista's and Coffee Days around. It still seems the place to be seen at. An udipi joint. hmm. I wonder how many of friends would come with me if i told them that Udipi shree krishna was the place to be if you are not in a classroom during college. I wonder if i would have any friends left. But vaishali has a cult status now. And there are the usual stereo types. The ones in the smoking section seem uncanningly familiar. They are the ones who were you "seniors" when you first came to this place. They are still around, although a with a little bigger midsections. But the spirit remains the same. And then they are the usual sporty types from Fergie and B.M.C.C in their track pants and college sweatshirts. Discussing basketball, badminton or whatever sport they are into. And then the creme de la creme. The "Shining" in puneri terms. The good looking guys and girls in one major group of about 15-20.
Youth, with not a worry in the world. Happier times have surely passed by.
All said and done, the place stil has not lost it's charm. Some things never change. And thank heavens for that,

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The begining

Just moved the blog to this space. Hope to make some use of this space. let's see how long i last on this one.