Saturday, March 27, 2010


Enjoying the local cuisine and national beer at minako's village. It's hardly a village with it's supermarket, DVD rental shop and even bowling center !!! More of a small town. Minako says she used to go bowling all the time in her summer vacations as there is nothing else to do at this place. Waiting for her to visit my village to show her what a real village is.
Had a wonderful meal yesterday with tai fish, kaiseki ryori. Some tempura, sashimi and sukiyaki thrown in as well. Wisited konpira San fir some temple gazing. Heading to matsuyama castle and dogo onsen tomorrow.
Nice to have a long weekend off. Been working most weekends since the start of 2010 to finish off this project. All ready to visit Taiwan next month, got a birthday in between and a go live coming up next week. Exciting times ahead !!!

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Location:Niihama City,Japan