Saturday, October 13, 2007


Been hooked to them for a long time. I remember the first pair being a blue and white North Star from Bata, when I was about 17. I moved to pune shortly and the North Star had died somewhere it between as Bata seemed to have taken it off the shelf. Got another pair of blue and white sneakers which were bad clones of north star and much cheaper for 200 bucks. Cant seem to remember the name now. Wore them to death, so much so , that my then girlfriend bought a pair of blue and white adidas gazelle. Those lasted real long, much longer than the girlfriend, much longer than any other sneakers I can remember. I still did not have the heart to throw them away after more than 5 years, but all good things come to an end. I had started working by now, and sneakers had been moved from being the default footwear to weekends only. Picked up a pair of military green basketball converse which felt pretty good. Guess I was growing out of the whole blue and white . These followed me all the way to Tokyo, where I was able to put holes in the soles by some extensive walking all over the city on the weekends.
And now the time has come to bid them goodbye. Picked Up a pair of black Vans, seem to be pretty popular in Tokyo. Lets see where these take me !!!!