Friday, September 21, 2007


hamamatsucho- haneda airport - monorail
- Flight cancelled
haneda - hamamatsucho - monorail
hamamatsucho - tokyo - JR Yamanote
Tokyo - Fukuoaka - Hakata station(kyushu) - shinkansen.
Hotel - hakata green
Yatai - nakasu -Ramen - Sugoi !!!!

Day 2
Viking lunch - bookin tickets
Big Buddha - under and out.
metro - fukuoka airport - naha - ANA
Yatta !!!
taxi to city court hotel.
check in - move out.
Okinawa burger.
Night at kokusai dori
Jazz and awamori - Hoteru california
Okinanwa izakaya -okinawa dance
Okinawa - goya - dame dame !
yopparai on orion - saved from karaoke.
tip - please dont buy pink lighters when drunk.

Day 3
city court hotel - big breakfast - all you can eat and more
ferry station - right behind the hotel.
ferry to zamami jima - typhoon 12 coming - warnings ignored
Check in at ryokan - Off to the beach
Swimming in the sea - its fun in typhoon 12 !!!
Back to the hotel - big japanese dinner
Beach Bar - Highly recommended
Izakaya on the way back - ALL bars on the island must be visited.

Day 4
Big breakfast at hotel - too bad I still cant eat all that sushi !!!
Back to the beach - Sunny day indeed.
Taco Rice and Cold beer- well now thats a vacation.
Top it it off with a BIG ice cream slush.
Nothing to do on this island - well that was the plan
Too windy on the bridge - Keep to the right .
Nothing on the other side - atleast right off the bridge.
Long way back, pick up some shells on the way.
Off to the super market - 25 meter square only
Aka Jima deer - rare sighting - couldnt see much in the dark anyways.
To the last izakaya on the island - all 3 now visited.
Typhoon 13 unleashed - boy, this is a big one.

Day 5
Early morning - rain now stopped.
Stranded on zamami jima - What to do today???
Big trek to the top of the mountain - great view
One more lunch on the beach shack - everything on the menu now tried
Need to check out today - Typhoon 13 doesnt think so
Alas : - All Boats out of the island cancelled!!!!!
Hitch a ride to Aka Jima - Scary guy that one
Well nothing to do here as well - the room has no doors !!!!!
Walk up the hill to the last island - looking for a plane out.
Pilot does not fly in this weather - stranded again.
Tv dinner with nice oji-san and oba-san - fried chicken and salad good.

Day 6
Breakfast with the couple - pretty decent stuff.
Get a lift back to Zamami - Need to take the boat from here.
Finally off the island - The kids do some nice backflips to say bye- bye
Take a break on another island :- Nice tonkatsu for lunch
A quiet walk up the hill, around the port - and back in time for the boat.
Choppy ride to naha - rush to the airport.
No flights till the next day - And sea sickness strikes.
Check in to a hotel on Kokusai dori for the night
Last dinner in okinawa - and it had to be mcdonalds.

Day 7
Big breakfast time - i love these hotel breakfasts.
Taxi to the airport - flight on time
Same faces all around - all struck by typhoons.
To haneda in a couple of hours - starbucks, I did not miss you
Haneda to shimbashi - back on the monorail
Back to work with bento in hand - Welcome to Tokyo