Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nihongo @ Microsoft

Had a visit to the Microsoft campus in Hyderabad today. We were invited by a couple who Minako met throught the online japanese community site in Hyderabad. The campus is unbelievably huge, money has clearly been well spent. It's got a football field, basket ball court and a cricket pitch amongst other things.Even the canteen has a subway sandwich kiosk.
Most of the conversation was in Japanese, and although the wife was happy, I was a bit embarassed at not being able to speak much. Need to put some effort in learning the language, it's long overdue.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fresh Start

I am hopeless at blogging. I have been off from it for the past 2 months because of being cut off from the internet. And then I have been procrastinating.
I have had such great stories from the past 2 months, it's a shame I haven't been writing them down.
I moved from Japan to India. Specifically, I moved from Tokyo to Hyderabad. With a pit stop in Mumbai. And my then girlfriend, now wife has arrived in India.
It's been a ride since we both moved in to our new house in one of the I.T colonies coming up around hyderabad. Even the daily commute to office brings up lots of stories.
Will try to update more often, these are the kind of stories that are perfect for friday nights with friends !!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Been a bit lazy in the past few months to blog. But lot has been happening around me. Will try to keep this space more updated.