Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Last days of summer

Went for a swim in the afternoon today, the water is quite cold already. Can maybe manage another weekend of swimming. Couldn't even get a decent hour in the pool cos the life guards emptied the pool and did some kind of security check which lasted almost 15 minutes. I was completely dry by that time, did get in the pool for a dip but it was too crowded.
Heading to gaienmae for some shopping before the vacation to Thailand .

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Three years in Nihon

Just looked up the post I wrote last year on completing 2 years in japan. A miserable 2 lines was all I could manage at that time. But you could sense the feeling of trying to leave even then. It's as if I don't care anymore .
A lot has gone through in the last year. A lot of stuff happens in one year, it's at times like these when you sit back and rewind that you realize it.
And a lot remains the same after a year, and you wish some of it would have changed.
An end to this uncertainty of the length of stay in japan seems close, but it has always been close.
Till then, it's work as usual.

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