Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Show must go on

The oscars are over and done with. The night of nights in hollywood and the one monday morning in the year in India when we wake up has passed. The academy awards were the regular fare. All the glitz, bling and zing zang was witnessed. Everything was the usual fare. Except for the movies.
The 5 movies nominated for the top honours were all well made. There was Good night and good luck directed by george clooney. Syriana, which had george clooney in it and capote which won hoffman the best actor. My favourite was Brokeback Mountain which is about two gay cowboys in the 60's. But, the best film was awarded to Crash a racial drama set in los angeles. It had a wonderful script, for which it did win best original screenplay, but the best film honours came as a surprise to all. The academy does like to throw in a few surprises. After all, it is one of the most watched television event acroos the globe. What good would it be if it ran on all too predictably. They sure know how to run the show.
Any ways, The movies were a much better fare this time. And the show still has not lost it's charm. I am sure an oscar does lots more to an actor's career than a grammy does to a singer. It seems to have much more recognition attached with the tag. There are a few upsets every year. Spielberg's "Saving private ryan" lost out to "Shakespeare in love" in 1998. But the oscars this year still didnt beat my favourite. Kim Basinger for best actress in L.A confidential in 1997. That was a mother of a shocker. All those who have seen the film will agree. I think, the actress
herself would too. I am still waiting for that one to be beaten. Every year i end up saying, "Well that was shocker, but not as big as Kim Basinger". Come on guys, we need a good show.